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Axiil Phone Systems

Axiil reps now have unlimited access to multiple new phone systems allowing them to make 150-250 calls each, per hour! This means more production and less time wasted dialing through other VOIP systems. 

All Working Numbers! (Cold/Consumer Leads)

Axiil now removes and replaces all disconnected and wrong numbers. We even replace leads listed as not interested or current client.


New List Providers

Axiil has teamed up with a couple new list providers that are providing higher quality leads at the same low price. This will help to increase production by decreasing the time spent sorting out disconnected and wrong numbers. 

Unlimited Cold Leads

Axiil now provides its clients with unlimited cold leads! Just enter in a zip code and radius and we do the rest. All of the leads we provide are scrubbed against the DNC list at no charge to you!

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