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Axiil Incorporated 



Axiil provides telemarketing services for a pay per lead  rate. Clients can purchase lead credits in advance, invoices are sent and must be paid before the account will be activated.  Axiil Incorporated   does not currently offer automatic billing. Refunds are not offered on campaigns that have been dialed, partially or in full. Additional dialing credits may be credited by Axiil Incorporated. Clients are not charged for return credits. Return credits are issued once the client's account reaches 0 credits remaining. Clients are notified via email informing them exactly how many credits have been added to their contract. Axiil Inc. does not replace return credits. Axiil Inc. only issues return credits 1 time per campaign. Leads are no longer eligible for return after 3 days from the production date. Clients are under no obligation to renew.  Axiil Incorporated does not guarantee the consumer data used is exclusive. Axiil does not guarantee any exact amount of production per day. Production amounts may vary depending on industries, areas, lead quality, dialing times and other factors. Clients can pause and resume campaigns at any time. Inactive campaigns may be cancelled by Axiil if left inactive or paused for 90 days or more. On campaigns / lead types that come with a quality guarantee Axiil Incorporated will only replace up to 20% of the initial amount of leads purchased. Axiil Incorporated reserved the right to refuse a replacement on any lead. Replacement credits may be denied for multiple reasons including but not limited to call recordings, client notes, etc.

Clients with a past due balance will be unable to activate a campaign. Further efforts to collect the debt may be taken.  By activating an account and launching a campaign the client agrees to pay for all hours or production generated in the specified time period. Clients can set a weekly and daily budget / production limit, Axiil will never exceed client production limits. Daily limits and regions can be applied to any Axiil Incorporated campaign. 100% exclusive leads are not shared with other agencies during the duration of the clients contract. Axiil reserves the right to market to consumer data provided. Consumer data is accessible to and purchased from 3rd party companies. Consumer data is not exclusive. Axiil is not responsible for storing data or account information after the contract expires. Axiil has the right to distribute and market to lead data from inactive contracts. Exclusivity is in effect only for the duration of the contract, the contract must be active. Inactive contracts will expire after 60 days. 

All consumer / cold leads provided by Axiil Incorporated are company property when generating exclusive or verified leads. Axiil Incorporated purchases consumer data from 3rd party providers. Axiil Incorporated guaranteed all leads have been scrubbed against the Do Not Call list and or requested a call back. Agencies providing consumer data are responsible for scrubbing leads. Axiil never discloses personal or proprietary client information to any 3rd party individuals, or organizations. Axiil never refers clients to any particular agency and only refers clients to prospects. The client will have full ownership of all information provided by interested prospects. Axiil Incorporated consumer data leads are to be used for campaigns only and are not shared with the client. 

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