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How to pitch an Axiil lead...

Here is a script used by one of our top producing clients. 


Hi, I am calling for               .


Hi               , this is                calling with your local                insurance agency.


I am working on your quote right now and just need to verify a couple of things. 


I am showing your at    123 main st.     and that's a    2014 Toyota?  


OK great! Are you the only driver listed?


I see you were born in    1957    can you confirm the month and day?


Perfect! That is all I need to finish this up... We can go through it right now over the phone or I can give you a call right back once I have a price. What would you prefer?

Agent pointers...


"Remember your only competing with current provider... Axiil gathers the premium, use it to your advantage."

"Following up more than once is important. Axiil offers follow up campaigns if you have leads piling up."


"The script provided uses their info gathered to remind them they agreed to a quote. Creating an easy transition to the quote."


Not a client? Launch a campaign!

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