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The Mastermind Set
Moral Compass Poetry Collection


Self help material provided by leading entrepreneurs in industry. 


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TITLE: 3 Wishes

You can take my life but you can't take my freedom.

Take my 3 wishes because I don't need them.


Take my desires and all my ambitions,

Take all my dreams and take all my visions.


Take all my goals for I give them to you.

Take all I am but do, remember you too. 


Follow my path but in the end you will find...

That the path meant for you was different then mine.


Be true to yourself to the highest of highs.

Get through to yourself through the who's and the why's.

Be sure of yourself and you're sure to rise.

Get through to yourself the who's who's and the wise.


There's no need for wishes, you just need to start.

All dreams come true that come from the heart. 



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