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The Mastermind Set
Moral Compass Poetry Collection


Self help material provided by leading entrepreneurs in industry. 


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axiil A 1.png

TITLE: All 4 It

Only things that are hidden are worth searching for.

If it wasn't hidden then you'd search no more.


Only things that are treasured belong in a chest.

Only words of kindness belong in the breath.


We aim for the stars and I know we may miss...

But I never have seen things as pretty as this.


We live our life and we live to the fullest.

Though at times we forget what the rule is.


We do our best so we turn out to be...

The best of the best that you see in me.


I do see that when I look around...

I see it in everything and do hear the sound.


It's in the wind like the leaves and the birds...

It lives in all of us in all of our words.


It lifts us higher to have all the perks...

I see it come true in all of my works.


It takes us places we'd never imagine...

and it shows us love we never could fathom.



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